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Watch the movie Don't Bite, We Love You full-length movies online now. Available in High or HD quality. Without surveys or download anything to play the movie. Some info: Don't Bite, We Love You was released in 1976 and directed by Yves Allégret. Cast overview, first billed only : .

Movie Storyline:
Georges,a trucker, is the single father of young Frédéric. His job prevents him from seeing his son as often as he could, as often as he should. Brought up by his grandparents, Frédéric proves a difficult child. His only friend is his twelve-year-old neighbor Rose. One day, Georges tells his son how Agnès, his mother, abandoned him at birth. Upset by such a revelation, Frédéric decides to be revenged...

TitleDon't Bite, We Love You
Movie GenresComedy, Drama, Family
DirectorYves Allégret
Movie Casts
Movie Studiounknown
Movie Durationaround ?
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