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Watch the movie Emanuelle in America full-length movies online now. Available in High or HD quality. Without surveys or download anything to play the movie. Some info: Emanuelle in America was released in 1977 and directed by Joe D'Amato. Cast overview, first billed only : .

Movie Storyline:
An American journalist travels throughout the world in search of a good story by joining a modern-day harem and traveling to Venice to see what really goes on at diplomatic parties. While trying to expose a corrupt government official, Emanuelle stumbles upon a group that uses kidnapped girls to make and sell snuff films. A brush with death leaves Emanuelle wondering if it is perhaps time to hang up her camera for good.

TitleEmanuelle in America
Movie GenresAdult, Drama, Horror
DirectorJoe D'Amato
Movie Casts
Movie Studiounknown
Movie Durationaround ?
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